Parents want many things for their children. At the top of the list is for them to grow strong and healthy. Physicians have the same goal during your child's pediatric annual physical. By gauging your child's growth and health against others their age, any concerns can be identified and addressed early.

pediatric physicalWhat will happen?

Your child's physician will look at many things, including:

A full physical examination

  •  Height and weight measurements
  • Abdominal exam (pressing the abdomen)
  • Check eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Facilitate conversation to check communication ability 
  • Motor skills exams based on age (ex. jump on one foot, touch toes)
  • Check for unusual bruising

Simple Tests

  • Blood pressure (blood pressure cuff)
  • Oxygen level (pulsometer)
  • Eye exam
  • Hearing Test
  • Heart rate (stethoscope)


Any recommended vaccines will be discussed and administered. If a vaccine or vaccines are given, you may be asked to wait a brief period after the vaccination to watch for possible signs of an allergic reaction. 


Your physician will ask several questions about changes you may have noticed since the last physical. Other questions may be about how family and school life are going. Are they sleeping well? Getting physical activity? Having any behavioral issues? These questions provide a holistic approach to your child's care and may mean your physician provides a referral if additional services are needed. 


No two children are alike. However, significant milestones generally occur within the same time frame for all children.  By working together, you and your child's physician can make sure those milestones are met and, if not, address ways to get there.  A proactive approach to your child's future health through exams, tests, and vaccinations can prevent many potential problems from ever arising. You and your child's pediatric physician are a team. While the exact exam process will vary as your child grows from an infant to a teenager, the goal remains consistent. You both want to make sure your child stays strong and healthy for many years to come. If you’d like recommendations for pediatric dental care or want to schedule an appointment for your child with New Beginnings Pediatrics, call us at (540) 739-3623! We can’t wait to meet you!